Daring Interior Decorating Ideas

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We all know the basic rules of interior designing of how everything should compliment with each other and what should be used to enhance the area of a space and which colors make a room feel brighter or dimmer than it actually is. These are basic rules that every interior decorator follows and anyone who has keen interest in decorating and designing a space knows them. The real art in interior designing is to design unusual yet acceptable and stylish spaces which are not only unique in their own sense but also represent personal character with style in a room.

Daring decorative ideas are nothing out of the world just simple out of the common ideas blended in beautifully with the surrounding atmosphere. These designs are daring because people dare to introduce abnormal items in an otherwise aesthetically beautiful room. This does not at all mean that these tremendous ideas do not blend in with the designs rather they offer a new and perfect look whatsoever to an already beautifully designed space.

Creative Interior Design Ideas

Some revolutionary and daring decorative ideas include rooms having high gloss doors in their interior. For example people who often entertain guests in their house and want to introduce an element of glamour using a high gloss glass door in the living room or in the dining room presents a totally new look to any room presenting more brightness and light in it.

Another daring idea is have hanging chairs in your living room which offers a casual but stylish look to your living room. Bedrooms can also be designed using upside down mirrors hanging from the wall and since every part of a room is decorated with utmost care why forget the ceiling. You can use a sky ceiling or a simple striped one to match with the room. Choosing a cool print wall papered ceiling is another way to adorn your ceiling in a new stylish manner. You can also use night city blinds on the windows of your kid’s room to darken the space and reflect night effects in the room even in day time or install a new window sill with an extended space in the room which offers a sitting placed for your child.

Flooring can also be experimented with new and daring ideas such as sporting wood striped floors or floors having an effect of standing on the skies. All these ideas offer a unique and interesting look to a room besides reflecting the daring nature and cool attitude of the occupants as well.

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15 Photos of the Daring Interior Decorating Ideas

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