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What Architectural Trends 2014 Has Brought Forward For Us

2014 along with various different interior design trends has also brought forward some major architectural trends that are gaining strength in 2014 and are expected to get further embedded in every design in the years to come. These architectural trends include Pioneering Passive Houses The very basic architectural trend is the shift of homes towards reduced energy consumption and green based homes that ensure lesser carbon emissions and wasted energy. [...]

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Tricks to Completely Transform Your Home Interiors

Whether you plan to redesign your existing, have moved in a new one or are getting ready to design a new one, there are some tips that can help in transforming the entire look of your home interiors. These tips allow transformation in the most minimal cost and effort and focuses on doing the least and smallest of changes to bring about extensive appearance changing in interiors.  The tricks that [...]

Using Rugs to Enhance Your Interiors - 6

Designer Tips on Using Rugs to Enhance Your Interiors

When it comes to designing interiors wall colors, accessories, furniture and other items play a major role in creating the interiors of a room. Floor rugs are another item that plays a major role in defining the interiors of a room and changing its look completely. Area rugs are not mere pieces to be thrown on the floor as there are specific rules that are followed when using rugs in [...]

Spring Interior Design Ideas - 6

Spring is Here Let it Show in Your Interiors

Any lively interior that depicts the outer atmosphere has a quality that leaves its effect on anyone who visits the place. As some themes are universal and are bound to impress everyone that goes by, having the colors of spring bloom in your interiors is one of those evergreen interior designs that always have its effects on the heart of people. Although some people love colors and decorate their interiors [...]

Turquoise and Exotic Aqua Colors in Your Interiors -5

Introduce A Splash of Turquoise and Exotic Aqua Colors in Your Interiors

Turquoise is more than a simple gemstone, it is a color that represents glee and joy and in many civilizations turquoise color is taken as a sign of harmony, peace, and everlasting happiness.  In the interior designing world, turquoise and exotic aqua color and its different shades are considered as offering serenity and pleasure to any given space along with energizing it as well. Other than being termed as a [...]